Release with Confidence. Automic Continuous Delivery Director released with new capabilities.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is famous for his mantra “Move fast and break things”, and indeed, in a startup environment the merits of moving fast do many times exceed the risk of stuff breaking, but this mantra highly depends on the context. In aviation, for example, it is hard to believe anyone would be even considering this approach. In the world of DevOps, we also see this spectrum of optimizations companies take to balance speed with risk. As digital transformation efforts and the digitization of consumer channels and the workforce continue to grow, the need for enterprises to mitigate the risks of growing cadence and speed grows alongside it. And as the number of releases grows and the context of each release is different and sometimes not immediately obvious, Release managers, QA engineers and developers need for data to support confidence in each release grows.

But in the complex enterprise environments that can be a daunting task because of development, testing, integration, and deployment can all be highly distributed and orchestrated only at a high level. But before you “press the button” for production, how do you know you won’t bomb something? This is where data intelligence and machine learning are now beginning to make a bigger impact, allowing organizations to maneuver even the biggest and most critical systems they have with speed and confidence.

In our latest release of Automic Continuous Delivery Director, we introduced cutting edge new technology to efficiently and intelligently test fast, continuously improve the release and deployment tracks and do all of this even in the face of enterprise-level complexity. The new release we are announcing today continues this direction and introduces even more intelligent capabilities to support moving fast without breaking things. Specifically, Automic Continuous Delivery Director now boasts:

  • Real-time information and analytics screens to help you identify pipeline bottlenecks, agile story statuses, and identify backlog inefficiencies.
  • Visualization of metrics that provide insight into the quality level of your deployments and value stream visibility end-to-end
  • Dramatically reduce feedback times to development, so they can more quickly deliver improvements.
  • Project level segregation specifically designed for large enterprises so users can have different roles in different projects and teams don’t run over each other’s work and settings
  • Elevated “production” status for environments that require a special production only authorization by any user regardless of role

More details about this release are now available on, where you can also sign up for a free trial and take Automic Continuous Delivery Director for a test ride in your own environment.