New release of Continuous Delivery Director available

New Release of Continuous Delivery Director is the world’s most intelligent continuous-delivery as a service platform

Authors Jez Humble and David Farley stated, “The most common failure mode, by far, is that there is too little automated testing, not too much.” The authors say this after bringing up an example where an entire team for a project was fired for taking test automation to the extreme. The whole team spent weeks writing nothing but tests instead of delivering working software during that same period. The point is that you can go to an extreme with automated tests. However, as they state, the extreme is the exception and not the rule. So, yeah there is a balance to be reached.   But, how do you achieve that balance in the constraints of continuous delivery and biweekly agile sprints? Automation alone does not ensure high-quality deployments and releases. Intelligent orchestration and quick feedback to developers is essential to increasing the quality you are delivering to your customers. CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, has released a new version of 

Continuous Delivery Director 

that is designed to address these challenges and more. Testing is the number one bottleneck in continuous delivery pipelines. The latest features in Continuous Delivery Director are designed to:

  • reduce test cycle times
  • find defects earlier
  • optimizes collaboration across teams

Reducing Test Cycle Time

When following an agile methodology, time is the biggest constraint on testing as it takes a long time to run all tests against every code commit. Continuous Delivery Director prioritizes tests that have a higher probability of failing, so problems with test suites are identified and resolved quickly. Additionally, not every test may be relevant to what a developer committed. Continuous Delivery Director uses heuristics to prioritize tests based on code that changed. Mapping code to tests ensures that the most critical tests are run at the right time.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Delivery Director monitors, tracks, and analyzes the data for all release pipelines and steps. Using this information, it identifies bottlenecks and suggests improvements driving continuous improvement and increased acceleration. KPI reporting helps collaboration across teams, deployment quality, and failures as well as security-related aspects of the release process. 

Dealing with Complexity

The modern enterprise tech stack span across everything from legacy to lambda. Continuous Delivery Director helps to ensure that complex releases succeed. Users can see and order activities across multiple dependent releases to avoid conflicts and environment collisions. 

You can try Continuous Delivery Director SaaS Starter Edition for free here.