6. Test with Blazemeter

You now change the manual performance test task into a BlazeMeter task. If you do not have a BlazeMeter account, go to Blazemeter and create an account.

Configure a BlazeMeter Test

If you already have tests in Blazemeter you can use them.
To create a new test follow these steps:

  • In BlazeMeter, create a project.
  • In the project, create a URL/API test.
  • In Add URL/API Endpoint, insert the URL of the AWS CodeDeploy instance that you deployed on.
    You have created a test that checks the performance of your new application.

Create an Endpoint for BlazeMeter

Follow these steps:

  • Go to Administration, Endpoints, and click Add Endpoint.
  • Type a Name for the endpoint.
    Example: BlazeMeter EP
  • In the Select Plugin field, select BlazeMeter.
    The URL is constant so the only thing you fill is the API key.
  • To locate your API key, in BlazeMeter enter your account and click the menu arrow next to the workspace name.
  • Select Settings and copy the API Key from the API Key section.
  • In CA Continuous Delivery Director, test the connection to the endpoint to ensure that everything is okay.

Configure the BlazeMeter Performance Test Task

Follow these steps:

  • Open Sample Release for editing
  • In the Load & Performance phase, click Deploy Sample Application 1 or select the task toolbar icon at the bottom right of the Deploy Sample Application 1 task, and click Edit Task.
    The Edit Task form opens.
  • In the Type drop-down, select BlazeMeter and click Run Test.
  • In the Endpoint field, select the endpoint that you created in the previous section, Create an Endpoint for BlazeMeter.
  • Specify your Workspace and your Project, and click Save.

You have configured the BlazeMeter Performance Test task.