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Release with Confidence - New release scoring protects from bad deployments and low quality
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Complete visibility and actionable insights
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Intelligent Pipeline End-To-End

End-to-End Pipeline Builder

Build pipelines in minutes and track the progress of features and new releases across development, QA and production, starting with user stories and all the way to production deployment.

Release with Confidence

Continuous Delivery Director provides real-time information and analytics to help you identify pipeline bottlenecks, agile story statuses, backlog and inefficiencies. visualization of metrics that provide insight into the quality level of your deployments and value stream visibility end-to-end. All dramatically reduce feedback times to development so they can deliver improvements quickly without risk.

Continuous Pipeline Optimization

Continuous Delivery Director continuously monitors the progress of releases through its managed pipelines, and it analyses this data and tracks planned vs. actual metrics for all pipelines and all steps. CDD identifies bottlenecks and suggests improvements making the entire process ever-improving and ever-accelerating. KPI’s are also monitored and help optimize collaboration across teams, deployment quality and failures as well as security-related aspects of the release process.

Continuous Testing with Built-in Intelligence

Continuous Delivery Director integrates with your various automated testing tools, it uses sophisticated predictive algorithms and machine learning to select the optimal test set to execute on each new code release. This revolutionary capability reduces testing cycle times, increases quality and enables fail fast at the same time.

Release Dependencies Control

Continuous Delivery Director is designed to deal with even the most complex releases to ensure they don’t fail. It allows users to set the order of activities (such as testing and deployment) which avoids conflicts and failures, automatically detect shared environment collisions and ensure releases ran smooth and to completion.

Main Features

Mission Control

Manage the complete release cycle of all apps from one place.

Release Scoring

Every release is dynamically scored on content and quality metrics and a release score is given so you can decide on go or no go to production or other environment with confidence and data.

Business Content

Get a clear insight into business priorities and understand where they are in the pipeline.

Optimize Test Cycles

Use ML to determine which tests are important.

Actionable Analytics

Continuously improve processes, apps and teams

Manage the Complexity

Manage complex, multi-component releases and understand if there are any conflicts that can bring risk to the release.